Solstice & Advent: As We Begin

For more information on The Faith-ing Project’s  December campaign, click here.

In the comments below, I hope you will share some thoughts and reactions to the following questions– especially if you will be participating in the campaign.

  1. How did you feel about the day 1 activities?
  2.  What general things would you like to share about yourself?
  3. Have solstice or advent had any significance in your past?
  4. Do solstice or advent have any significance in your present?
  5. What is your experience and opinion around spiritual exercises?
  6. What are your hopes and fears for this campaign?
  7. What sorts of traditions, prayers, meditations, and contemplative activities do you find helpful and powerful?  (Especially as related to solstice or advent?)

1 thought on “Solstice & Advent: As We Begin

  1. Jeff Post author

    Well, I suppose I will start. Since the initial emails I sent out didn’t have a link that brought you here, I suppose I have the easiest chance at finding a place to comment! Sorry, everyone!

    At any rate, I think I will focus on question #2: ‘What general things would you like to share about yourself?”
    I am a father of 3 and a special educator. If a person wanted to place me in a box, I think at this point I would identify as a Mystic Christian. Discovering contemplative activities revolutionized many aspects of my life. I am passionate about sharing what I have reaped from these.
    If you were further interested in boxes for me: Enegream type 5, Sagittarius, INFP; Pineapple does belong on pizza, Han shot first, and Fall is the best of all the seasons.



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