Day 13 of the Solstice and Advent Campaign

With only one day remaining on this campaign, it would be a great time to share your biggest struggles and biggest victories from these last couple weeks.  Please leave them in the comment section below.

The audio of today’s meditation is here:

A transcript of that recording:

Today’s Exercise:

1) Create the darkest environment you are able to.
2) Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back comfortably straight.
3) Make yourself aware of the shadows and darkness around you.  Inhale.
4) Exhale your knowledge of what the room would look like in the light.
5) Inhale the darkness with the air.  Remind yourself that darkness is not necessary the same as evil.  Darkness can be unknowing, mystery, and that which transcends words.
6) Exhale your easy explanations.
7) Inhale, and bring your mind to the short days of December.
8) Exhale, and bring your mind to the long nights of December.
9) Inhale, and bring to mind the time before God came into the world (perhaps that means the birth of Jesus.)
10) Exhale, and think about the time you have been waiting for God to show up.
11) Spend several more breaths now, as long as you can, in the mystery.  Breathe in the darkness with each breath.  Breathe out the light of false, shallow rationalizations and easy explanations.
12) When you are ready, turn on enough light that you can safely light the candle.
13) Light the candle.
14) Let your eyes settle on the tip of the flame inhale.
15) Keeping your eyes on the tip of the flame, exhale.
16) Make yourself aware of the way the candle illuminates the darkness.  Inhale.
17) Notice the ways the room that you are in is still dark.  Exhale.
18) Notice this illuminated darkness.  Breathe it in.
19) Breathe out the illuminated darkness.
20) Inhale, and bring to mind the slowly lengthening days of January.
21) Exhale, and bring to mind the gradually shortening nights of January.
22) Inhale the light of the candle: see this light as God’s entry into the world.
23) Exhale that light to the people you love most in the world.
24) Stare at the tip of the flame.  Breathe slowly and easily.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  When your mind begins to wander, return it gently to the flame.  Notice the smoke, rising up.

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