Campaign on Being Thankful

On paper, we all get it: being thankful is important.  It is important to our spiritual lives, our mental health, and our general sense of happiness.

Here in America, we devote an entire holiday to the concept.  But how many of us really give the concept any kind of thought more than a few minutes before we cut into the turkey?

On November 10th, The Faith-ing Project  began a 2 week, free campaign.  Participants will be emailed a spiritual practice each day around the topic of being thankful.  A forum to discuss these experiences will also be provided.

To see November 10th’s breath practice and audio file, click here.

To see November 11th’s breath practice, click here.

November 12’s breathing practice  is here.

November 13: The Examen Day 1 is here.

November 17: Day 1 of Lectio is here.

November 20: Visualization (with audio file) is here.


The practices themselves will draw widely from spiritual traditions.  It will include guided meditations, breath prayers, Lectio Divina, and more.  Practices will utilize word-based emails, audio files, and opportunities for spiritual journaling.

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