Email Campaign on Solstice & Advent

This is a strange, powerful, wonderful, challenging time of year.  The specifics of what it means probably vary a lot between us.  But there are some common elements to our experience.  The Faith-ing Project’s December email campaign will focus on the upcoming advent and solstice.  As always, this is free of charge.   Some components of this campaign will be visible here.  But to get the full experience,  we invite you to join this campaign by clicking on the ‘contact’ button above, or emailing

There will be some days which are clearly connected to the coming of Jesus into the world.  There will be others which are quite clearly affiliated with the coming of the shortest day of the year.  One of the interesting things for me, as I designed this campaign, was to discover  that most of these practices have profound connections to both: in the end, both of these times are about patiently, expectantly, fearfully, hopefully working through the darkness and coming into the light.

To see the first online portion of this campaign, click here.

To see day 2, click here.

To see day 4, which features an audio recording of the welcoming prayer, click here.

To see day 7, which features an audio recording of an exercise welcomes God breath and creating spaciousness within, click here.

To see day 9, which features an audio track, click here.

For day 13, including the audio recording, click here.

For Day 14, click here.