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This entire project has been driven out of a desire to make spiritual practices available to all, regardless of their financial means.  The Faith-ing Project guides have subsidized the cost of maintaining this website.  If you would like to support the work being done here, please give some thought to purchasing one or more of these guides.   None is more than $10.


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What I learned In My Cell: Take a Contemplative Stance in a Time of Pandemic.   (Click here to read a sample of the book.)

Contemplating Lent

One Year of Breath Prayers.

The Book of Breath Prayer.

The Book of Apophatic Meditation.

The Book of Sacred Reading Practices.

The book of Union

The Book of Grief, Gratitude and Love

Building Your Spiritual Practice    (Click here to read a free sample from Building Your Spiritual Practice)


Six of the volumes above have been gathered into two collections:

Building Your Spiritual Practice, The Book of Breath Prayers, and the Book of Grief, Gratitude, and Love can be found in Collections Volume 1.

The Book of Sacred Reading Practices, The Book of Apophatic Meditation, and The Book of Union can be found in Collections Volume 2.

For information on Jeff’s book of mystical poetry, Words Transcending Themselves click here.

The Book of Breath Prayers

The breath is strange thing: it lies at the intersection of religion and science; it is controlled by instinct but benefits from our attention;. it is the foundation of meditative practices from every religious tradition in the world and yet it is so easy to ignore. This easy-to-use guide is jargon free and step-by-step. Begin building your spiritual practice today or take a deep dive into a wide array of spiritual practices with this book, written by a progressive mystical Christian with a love for all the world’s spiritual traditions! This new edition has been reformatted and features a new section with new exercises focused on breathing into oneness and links to audio files for several exercises.

The Book of Apophatic Meditation

The Apophatic Tradition is a gift from the Desert Fathers and Mothers. It explores the limits of thought and language, especially as applied to the divine. Apophatic Meditation is strange and fruitful. This step-by-step guide is designed to be an entry point for beginners and a help to those with experience.
This guide features dozens of scripts, guidance on creating your own meditation, and countless variations, strategies and suggestions, and links to audio tracks which walk the student through the stages of apophatic meditation.

The Book of Sacred Reading Practices

You can get past preconceptions, assumptions, and prejudices and read from a place of deep authority. By Inviting the Divine into the process of interpreting what a text means for you right here and right now, you can come to a new understanding and appreciation of the books which are most important. This book provides several easy-to-follow, step-by-step approaches to a pair of well-loved spiritual exercises: Lectio Divina, which invites God to help the reader notice the important aspects of the text, and Holy Imagining, which uses sensory information to help root the reader in the events being read about. These practices are great entry points into the world of contemplative activities, or powerful tools in an evolving spiritual practice.

The Book of Union

Perhaps our most vital mission is this: Reintegration with the self, connection with our world, and union with the divine. This small book is interspiritual in orientation, introductory in nature, and hands-on in approach. This book Features 17 spiritual exercises that you can begin today, down-to-earth advice, and frank discussions around topics like building a spiritual practice and seeking ecstatic experiences. This edition includes exclusive sample chapters from other Faith-ing Project Guides, including The Book of Breath Prayers, The Book of Apophatic Meditation, and The Book of Sacred Reading.

The Book of Grief, Gratitude, and Love

Gratitude is so easy to forget. And Grief is so very hard to do well. This small guide is filled with easy to use practices that will open up both of these critical realms. When they are done well they open us up to the possibilities of love, experienced in so many ways and coming from so many different directions.

Words Transcending Themselves: Poems on Silence, the Unspoken, and Ineffable.

For a time, Silence (yes, with a capital ‘S’) was my truest love. Contemplation and meditation lead to deep understanding and profound ecstatic experiences. Only slowly, did I begin to grapple with the problematic and privileged aspects of this sanctuary. These poems comprise a record of more than just a mystic’s journey; they also explore my growing ambivalence and other struggles with that which won’t be named.


One Year of Breath Prayers

This brief guide is broken into 12 chapters: One for each month of this year.  Each month features a breath prayer and guidance for turning your occasional hobbey into a lifelong spiritual practice.  Though it is relevant to people from many different walks of life, this book was written with the millions of Christians deconstructing out of evangelicalism in mind.

Contemplating Lent (1)

Contemplating Lent

We know in our hearts that it is meant to be one of the year’s most important days. But so often, Easter it is little more than a Sunday to get a little dressed up and an excuse to buy a few marshmallow bunnies. This year, the season can be different. “Contemplating Lent” features background information and step-by-step descriptions of 40 different and powerful spiritual practices, including sacred reading practices, breath prayers, visualizations, apophatic meditations, and more. Ideal for beginners or for those looking to infuse their spiritual practice with Easter-specific contemplative activities, this book will deepen your experience of Jesus’ death and resurrection and build the foundations for a spiritual practice to carry into the rest of the year.