Lenten Email Exploration on the Apophatic and Cataphatic

Our March, 2019 Email Exploration viewed the season of Lent as a journey between the Cataphatic and Apophatic.  If you would like to receive these as a daily email through the Lent, 2019 season please email Otherjeffcampbell7@gmail.com   If you are discovering this exploration after Easter, 2019, become a  Patron.  We will send you the full email series on whatever schedule you would like.

If you are participating in the email campaign, it would be great to introduce yourself in the comments below.

The first day of the Lenten Email Exploration can be found here.

The second email can be found here.

The third email is here.

The fourth is here.

Click here for the fifth email exploration.

Day 6 of the exploration:  click here.

Day 7 of the exploration is here.

Day 8 is here.

The Palm Sunday Exercise can be found here.