Day 1 of the Lenten Exploration of Apophasis and Cataphasis

Below is most of the content from the first message in our new Email Exploration.
This page can be used by people not interested or able to participate by email, or it can be used for email participants to comment and get to know each other.
Thanks for joining us on our latest Email Exploration.  When I first began to think about the Lent Season as a journey between words and wordlessness, between light and darkness, between knowing and not-knowing…  It seemed strangely straight forward.
As I have pondered this further, it has become both more interesting and more difficult to pin down.  I am excited to be exploring this with you.
About every 3 days between now and Easter, you can look forward to receiving an email.  Each email will begin with an introduction like this one.  It will move in to a spiritual exercise in the space below.  At the bottom of each email will be some wrapping up, concluding information.  Along the way, there will be links to audio tracks, opportunities to share how these are working for you, and a few surprises as well.
I believe strongly that committing to these practices each day is by far the most powerful way to do them.  Even if it is only a few minutes each day, this, in my experience, is much more powerful than pouring a ton of time into them on the day you receive them.

Background: Over these next several weeks, we will explore the space between words and silence.  We begin with an exercise that it is a bit of a microcosm of this journey.  Over these next 3 days, you might engage this exercise just as it appears here.  However, you can also experiment with some slight modifications to this exercise here.  

Exercise 43A:

1.  Place your feet flat on the floor.

2.  Breathe.

3.  Think– or say– “Be still, and know that I am God.”

4.  Breathe.

5.  Think– or say– “Be still and know that I am.”

6.  Breathe.

7.  Think– or say– “Be still and know”

8.  Breathe.

9.  Think– of say– “Be still.”

10.  Breathe.

11.  Think– or say– “Be.”

12.  Breathe.

Contemplative traditions have called that which is associated with words, light and knowledge the Cataphatic.  That which is associated with wordlessness, darkness, and un-knowing the apophatic.  There have been entire books, courses, and lives devoted to exploring this topic.   There are many great resources that might deepen your understanding of them.  If you would care to read a few brief observations I made on the topic, you can find them here.